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Showing Appreciation- Message from Family Council

Hello Everyone and Happy February!

One of the “Values” that the Dom Lipa Slovenian Linden Foundation includes in its “Vision, Mission, Values Statements” document is:

“We value appreciating that each resident, family member, volunteer, and staff member contributes to the enrichment of living at Dom Lipa and its integral connection to the larger community.”

The Family Council wanted to support this value statement by showing appreciation to residents, other family members, and Dom Lipa Staff. Our gratitude is displayed with 32 wooden hearts, 7 large wooden statement boards and 11 shimmering plastic hearts hung and attached to the trees and fences all around the Dom Lipa property. Most of these are home-made wooden crafts created by one of our members, on behalf of our Council, for the purpose of lifting the spirits of everyone during this long pandemic winter. Our messages of love have been arranged all around the property in order that they can be seen from every window in the building by isolated residents and staff. We hope they brighten everyone’s spirits during the month of February!