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REVISED Resident Communication Via iPad


March 20, 2020

Dear POA or SDM of our resident,

In order to minimize the effects of visiting restrictions, Dom Lipa has established a communication tool to connect  a resident  with their  POA or SDM.

Communication through Skype, Google Due, Viber and Facetime apps, via iPad, will be arranged at Dom Lipa.

Daily Chat times are as following: Monday to Sunday 9am-10am and from 1pm-5pm with a 48 hour notice.

Due to the volume of family members who wish to communicate with their loved one,via Dom Lipa iPad, it is necessary to restrict the communication to one POA or one SDM.

If there is more than one POA or SDM, only one person can schedule one iPad visit per resident , until all interested residents have had an opportunity for a visit.

Please email Sonja Vidovič,, to schedule a chat/meeting time.

If you do not have email access please telephone Dom Lipa at 416-621-3820   Ext. 245 or Ext. 248 to arrange the Chat time.  

Our priority during COVID-19 restrictions is the safety and health of our residents and staff.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding at this challenging time.