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June 13, 2017


Dear Dom Lipa Walk-a-thon Supporters!!

                                                                       Thank you for participating in the 35th Annual Dom Lipa Sunny Sonček Walk-a-thon!

                                          The official total funds raised aren’t finalized yet but as of yesterday afternoon we raised $67,260, with 78 walkers and 7 cyclists.

It was a soggy start to our event but we were lucky to have some clear skies (maybe Sunny Sonček slept in?) in the afternoon.  This was also the 2nd “unofficial” bike ride from Dom Lipa to the Slovenian Summer Camp.  A big thanks to Val Končan, John Kajin, Paul Dolenc, Tony Krošel John Kolenko, Greg Končan, and Lydia Ančimer for their extraordinary effort on the wet roads to the event.  

We are very fortunate to have the support of our generous Slovenian community.  The event brings happiness to our residents because they can feel the caring from your efforts, whether you have participated by walking, volunteered your time, sponsored the event or donated.  The combination of dedication and pitching in from so many corners of our community brought this 35th Annual Dom Lipa Walk-A-Thon to a successful outcome.

We wish to commend Cveta Arhar-Stojko for her relentless fund-raising; she contacted over 200 people on her list and raised $14,240.  It is always a pleasure to see her and Štefan walk the trail hand-in-hand.  We were pleasantly surprised during the closing presentation when Mr. and Mrs. Sajnovic presented us with a $20,000 cheque, which enabled us to match last year’s total.  

Note that further donations are still pending, so the total for the Walk-A-thon is yet to be confirmed.

Thank you again for supporting Dom Lipa with your valuable time and effort to make our Walkathon a fund-raising success and a fun family event.

Hvala Lepa!


Sonya Rosenwirth

Chair - Slovenian Linden Foundation - Dom Lipa Fund-raising Committee


Dom Lipa Walk-A-Thon Fund-raising Committee:  Sonya Rosenwirth, Rozi Nesich, Theresa MacDermid, Pauline Klemencic, Damjana Dzeko

Sponsors:  Moya Financial, Stan Konda - Konda Financial, John Doma - Bateman & Mackay LLP, iFab, Classic Care, Chemsyn, Soniccan Acoustic Design Elements, Miryam Dziedzic, Advantis Strategic Management. 

Volunteers:  F.Valentin Batic, Ed Erculj, Thomas and Victoria Erculj, Joseph Cestnik, Sandra Cestnik, Miran Vamberger, Sonja Vidovic, Tamara Cafuta, Tanja Nanut, Andraz Nanut, Josie Babic, Kristy Turk, Sasa Recnik, Majda Resnik, Vivian Leptik, Val Koncan, Nancy Kajin, Maryanne Walker, Sonja Kolenko, Wayne Stamler