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2016 Highlights

With donor support in 2016, money raised purchased supportive equipment for our residents that would help improve their safety and comfort.

Hi-Lo Beds

To help keep our residents safe while they are in and getting out of bed Dom Lipa invested in purchasing Hi-Lo Beds for our Long Term Care residents. Hi-lo beds reduce risk of injury because the bed is closer to the floor.  Hi-Lo beds can also be raised for safe transferring and care giving tasks to aid in reducing the risk of back injuries to staff.  The bed moves from its lowest (7.25”) height to (26”) height without any horizontal movement, eliminating wall damage. The head, foot and overall height are all controlled electronically by the resident or caregiver. Bedside Safety & Fall Protection Floor Pads were also purchased to compliment this safety initiative.

Bedside Safety & Fall Protection Floor Pads

Bedside safety and fall protection floor pads were purchased to compliment the Hi-Lo beds in the efforts to reduce injury.

Wheelchair Accessible Resident Weight Scale

Wheelchair scales provide reliable, stress-free weighing for non-ambulatory, bariatric, and elderly residents. Wheelchair scales allows direct care staff to easily subtract the weight of a wheelchair, walker, or straight-legged chair so that only the resident’s weight is displayed.



“Rooted in tradition – Caring for the future.”

We thank our donors for helping us make a lasting impact and difference in the lives of our seniors.

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