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The Slovenian Linden Foundation - Dom Lipa

Vision, Mission Values Statement



Initiated and sustained by the Slovenian community, a caring society where seniors, their supporting networks and members of the broader community enjoy the highest quality of life.


Our mission, through Dom Lipa, is to provide a home-like environment to residents and seniors in the community and to assist and/or supervise their medical, social, cultural, recreational, and spiritual interests.  It is the sincere and dedicated intention of the members, staff, volunteers and Directors to:

  • provide the highest quality of care;
  • cultivate an environment in which dignity, self-reliance and independence are encouraged;
  • recognize rights to privacy, freedom of choice and confidentiality;
  • protect seniors in our care from abuse, neglect and harassment;
  • foster an environment in which each of us contributes our expertise in a compassionate spirit of cooperation and effective teamwork;
  • develop partnerships to better meet the emerging needs of the community we serve; and
  • develop and maintain programs and processes that reflect best practices in care, governance and management.


  • We value recognition of and responding to each resident’s unique and special needs.
  • We value honouring spiritual, cultural and linguistic needs.
  • We value nurturing empowerment of each resident to enjoy opportunities for choice and decision-making in daily living, personal and group activities.
  • We value encouraging companionship, communication and interaction with other seniors, residents, families, volunteers and staff.
  • We value fostering positive self-esteem, self-care and caring for others.
  • We value appreciating that each resident, family member, volunteer and staff member contributes to the enrichment of living at Dom Lipa and its integral connection to the larger community.
  • We value nurturing excellence through maximizing the potential of each resident, senior, volunteer and staff member.
  • We value providing sensitive and compassionate palliative care and spiritual support.
  • We value the contribution of donors and funding partners who work with us in implementing our mission and strive towards our vision.
  • We value fostering interactive community partnerships and outreach.
  • We value teamwork, sharing, teaching and education.
  • We value actively seeking ways and means to enrich each day.
  • We value inspiring cooperation and teamwork to strive for excellence.
  • We value providing leadership and guidance to foster the values of a caring community.

“Rooted in tradition – Caring for the future.”