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Retirement Café:

We would like to create a small Café environment on the second floor retirement lounge that will lend itself to providing a space for residents, families and friends to gather and socialize over a cup of their favourite beverage.  We are raising funds to create a small Café equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, sink and counter space to provide nutritious culturally familiar food and beverages for our residents that promote their health and emotional well-being. Click here to donate today?

Cultural Food: 

We provide traditional food delights and delicacies within our regular menu planning and especially during times of celebration. Raw food funding provided by the Ministry barely covers basic food costs and these traditional food items become extremely costly.  We rely on your donations to support us to continue to provide these comforts so that we can continue to cater to the Slovenian culture and traditions. Click here to donate today?

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