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2023_04_26  Last call re AGM;Updated Visiting Protocol

2023_04_19  Reminder re AGM; meet Dr. Seidl and medical Team; Volunteer Gardeners

2023_04_11  Directors for Election,Easter Activities, and Resident and Family Survey Results

2023_03_22  AGM Dom Lipa Invitation and Agenda

2023_03_16 New AGM date and Dom Lipa is debt-free

2023_02_13   Remembering Dr. Bratina and legacy gifts

2022_12_21   Gifts,Lipathon Happy Holidays

2022_11_24    Lipathon 2022 was FUN!

2022_11_09    Lipathon, Covid Outbreak, Welcome new Director of Care, Thank you Staff

2022_10_20   Covid Outbreak,Lipathon and Kids Flu Vaccines

2022_10_03   Lipathon,Bldg Projects, Farewell and Welcome, Covid Updates

2022_07_22   Cooling at DL Fundraising for FC Garden Supplies and new doorway Pandemic Wave increasing Safety Measures Welcome C. Pepevnak Director

2022_06_01  Thank you Moya, Welcome Food Services Manager and Covid Outbreak declared over

2022_05_05  Update Covid Outbreak, Farewell to Milan Vincec, Remembering Stanko Sajnovic

2022_04_21  Covid Outbreak, Farewell, New Directors

2022_04_13  Successful AGM, MLTC announcement, Covid Exposure, and Sixth Wave

2022_03_29  AGM,Welcome, Visit from Slovenian Minister

2022_03_11  Farewell,Visiting Update, AGM, Call for Directors

2022_03_04 Change of AGM Date_ Prayers for Peace_0.pdf

2022_03_04 Change of AGM Date_ Prayers for Peace.pdf

2022_02_25 Annual General Meeting date Covid-19 Update (003).pdf

2022_02_04 Air purifiers Outbreaks Thank you!_1.pdf

2021_12_03 New Director of Care Covid-19 vaccination status of staff and other news (003).pdf

2021_10_08 Farewell Covid-19 Exposure Lipathon 2021 and Happy Thanksgiving_0.pdf

2021_04_23 COVID-19 Outbreak Essential Care Givers Vaccinations and AGM Update_0.pdf

2021_04_13 COVID-19 Update New Digital Connectivity Project and AGM Info_0.pdf

2021_04_01 Thank you AGM and Website Feedback_0.pdf

2021_04_01 Invitation to AGM and Agenda Appendix A_2.pdf

2021_03_26 AGM Info Covid Testing Update_1.pdf

2021_03_19 AGM Date IPads Website Input_0.pdf

2021_03_12 AGM Date Self Swabbing Website input_0.pdf

2021_03_04 Food Safety and IPAC measures_1.pdf

2021_02_26 Covid-19 Outbreak Over_1.pdf

2021_02_19 Covid-19 Outbreak Update and Goals of Care Discussions_2.pdf

2021_02_11 Covid-19 Outbreak Update and Essential Caregivers_1.pdf

2021_02_05 Covid-19 Update and Family Council Appreciation_1.pdf

2021_01_29 Covid-19 Outbreak and Critical Care Services (003) (1).pdf

2021_01_22 Covid-19 Outbreak and Grant Award from Slovenia_1.pdf

2021_01_15 Covid-19 Outbreak and Vaccine Information_1.pdf

2021_01_08b New Covid-19 Outbreak (003).pdf

2021_01_08 Dom Lipa residents receive their first Covid-19 vaccines_1.pdf

2021_01_05 Dom Lipa Covid-19 Vaccines for Residents_ (003).pdf

2020_12_18 Covid-19 Update and Ontario Vaccine Information_0.pdf